Dried Flowers Refrigerator Magnet

Set of 3 Magnetic Dried Flowers – Handcrafted Exotic Fridge Magnet w/ Recycled Paper | Thai Craftsmanship Gift Ideas for Flower Lover

Have you thought about how to decorate your refrigerator?

Get these beautiful magnets to make your fridge even more vibrant! What better way to have these beautiful dried flowers in your home!

✷ Unique Magnets ✷

Tired of the same old magnets? We got you covered! Stand out with our dried flowers magnet. It’s a staple piece to have for home decor.

✷ Perfect Gifts for Mothers Day ✷

Is your mom a big fan of flowers? Why not get our magnets to decorate her fridge! Aside from these flowers that would last a lifetime, they make a great way to hang greeting cards!

✷ Handcrafted in Thailand ✷

Our magnets are made by craftsmen in Thailand. A high level of craftsmanship is applied to create this stunning piece. Make your home look brand new with this must-have!


[Handmade] [Height: 5 inches] [Width: 3.5 inches] [Made from Thailand]


[1x  Set of 3 Magnetic Dried Flowers]


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