Coconut animal – Handcrafted Wooden


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Coconut animal – Handcrafted Wooden Decoration for Living Room, Home Office, Bedroom & Apartment | Handmade Gift for Dad

Wondering what to get for your family to help them redecorate their home?

Have this adorable Coconut animal – Handcrafted to have a piece of Thailand at their homes! Nothing is more iconic than a Coconut animal – Handcrafted to remind you about getting around Thailand and having them at home to cherish forever!

✷ Made from Thailand ✷
What better way to have these adorable models made straight from Thailand. These Coconut animal – Handcrafted are made by local artists with great details and care in mind. We ensure only the best materials are selected in forging these Coconut animal – Handcrafted Wooden .

✷ Authentic Coconut Shells ✷
These Coconut animal – Handcrafted are definitely from real coconut shells and wooden. They make great decorations for your home! Proving eco-friendly lamps are wonderful for your environment while still being stylish.

✷ Help Hill Tribe Earn Money ✷
This Coconut animal – Handcrafted is made from Hill tribe in Chiang Mai Thailand. It is a Thai northern hill tribe who makes money by making handmade stuff. If you buy this shopping bag & cosmetic bag, you will help them earn their money!

✷ Great Gifts for Housewarming ✷
If you know anyone who is settling into a new home, these Coconut animal – Handcrafted are a great option for you! Our Coconut animal – Handcrafted will make them feel as if they’re in Thailand. Whether it’s your friends, relatives, or family, they’ll surely love adorable coconut animal – handcrafted.

[Height: 5.5 inches ] [Width: 4 inches ] [Lenght: 11 inches ] [Made from thailand]

[1x Coconut animal – Handcrafted ]


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