Organic Kaffir Lime Leaves for Seasoning

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Kaffir Lime Leaves from Thailand | Dried, Organic from Fresh | Perfect Asian Cooking Ingredient

Our Organic Kaffir lime leaves are handpicked and naturally sun dried in Thailand

Grown with no chemicals or other pesticides and handpicked from Kaffir Lime Trees.

A staple of asian cooking, Citrus hystrix (kaffir lime) emits an intense citrus fragrance especially when crushed adding a wonderful flavor to many Thai, Chinese, Indonesian, and other Southeast Asian cooking dishes.

Package includes about 50g (2.2oz) net weight of dried leaves. Sealed in an airtight (but loose) bag to guarantee freshness!

Before use, tear a few leaves and soak in hot water for about 5 minutes, then you’re good to go!

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  1. Jill

    Arrived quickly and in fresh condition. Kaffir is hard to find in my area, so good to keep on hand. I think this bag will last me 6 months.

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