Set 2 Of Pyrite 10 mm Round Bead Gemstone Bracelet (Pyrite Bead, Stretch Bracelet, Crystal Bracelet, Gift For Friends)Pyrite is an amazing crystal ever able to tap into endless possibility and

can certainly bring out the best in your soul. For those who find themselves enchanted by the glimmer of
this stone and for those who feel like they can cut down on paranoia and suspicious thoughts by knowing that they have protection at all times, Pyrite makes for a worthy investment. As mentioned, it’s not all about throwing up walls of protection with Pyrite. It’s also a stone that welcomes abundance, luck, joy, truth, and many amazing qualities that help your soul to sparkle.

What do you think of the sulfide mineral bright Pyrite stone? Does it fulfill your soulful fantasies or is it closer to fools gold? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Ideal for making all your creations of jewelry and accessories: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, necklaces etc…


[Handmade] [Pyrite size: 10 mm.] [long: 7 inches] [Made from Thailand]


[2x Bracelet Of Pyrite 10 mm Round Bead Gemstone Bracelet long 7 inches]

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