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Thai Hair jewellery, Ornaments for dressing in modern, Lisa Thai Crown, Thai Chada,

A chada is a headgear, shaped like a crown , typically with a spiky spiky spiky spier (ear knuckle
) made of metal such as gold or silver, or another material such as wood, paper mache, or
plastic, and painted to look like metal. The outer surface of Chada is beautifully decorated with
carvings, ornaments, gems, stained glass and wreaths.

Her Royal Highness Princess Woralaksanawadi Songchada
Chada originated during the late Ayutthaya period by development from Lompoc. The chada and the crown are different. That is, Chada will have a top rounded backwards like Lompoc. As for the crown, there will be a spiky spire.

Jada’s Royal Ouaanunkun mostly known as “The Da” or “crown secondary” There are different kinds Jada often used in rituals associated with the master class and the dance modern culture with the use of Jada. It is an outfit for model walks, film shoots, and performances.

Now so popular for make up look like an idol Korea style because she is Thai and wear Chada on her famous mv.

Thai costumes, Thai dances, Thai costumes,
Thai Chada Tiara Vintage Thai Costume Accessory Set Visor Dressing Thai set Plated
Gift for her

– Thai Chada



Scope Of Application: Christmas Tree Decoration, Scene Window Layout

Color: Gold

[Made from Thailand]


[1x Thai Hair jewelry]


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