Unique Lotus Flower Base Folded – Handcrafted Decorative Flowers By Thai Clay for Tabletop | Exotic Plant Decor for Living Room

Wondering what to decorate your homes with?

Your home will look great decorated with these flowers. There’s nothing better than decorating your home with flowers that will last forever.

✷ Designed by Thai Craftsmen and Exquisitely Handcrafted ✷

Keep your home well-stocked with quality products. Handmade in Thailand, this set of white flowers is curated by Thailand’s best artisans. Bringing you the highest quality flowers.

✷ The Best Gifts for Housewarming ✷

Are you moving into a new home soon with a friend? Give your friends’ homes a makeover with these flowers! The perfect addition to any new home!

✷ Decor Ideas for Your Home ✷

Do you find it frustrating when your favorite pieces deteriorate too soon? You can depend on us for sturdy and durable flowers! If taken care of properly, they can last a lifetime.


[Handmade] [Height: 3 inches] [Width: 6.5 inches] [Made from Thailand]


[1x Set Cray Lotus]


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