Women’s Harem/Elephant Pants from Thailand

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Thailand with our unique Elephant Pants for women, loved by tourists worldwide. These chic trousers are created in Chiang Mai and offer a relaxing, breathable fit that caters to waist sizes between 26″-46″. Thanks to an elastic band and drawstring, our ‘free size’ pants ensure ultimate comfort every wear. Embrace this popular street fashion in your pick from our 10 color options. Experience comfort and style like never before with these globally adored pants.

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Product Specifications:

– Highlight: Soft, breathable fabric
– Ideal for: Traveling, sleeping, home casual wear, especially in hot climates
– Suitable for waist sizes: 25 to 46 inches
– Bow tie design, elastic waist, includes one side pocket
– Popular street fashion item globally
– Fabric: Mambert or Spun Rayon (Rayon)
– Hip circumference: 50 inches
– Pant length: 38 inches
– Thigh circumference: 26 inches, Leg opening: 24 inches
– Crotch length/Rise: 16 inches
– Made in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Care Instructions:

– Machine wash cold delicate, Suggest line dry
– For best results, hand wash or use delicate cycle on your machine with mild detergent in cold or warm water
– Avoid hot water to prevent shrinking
– Soak the item in salt water for 5 minutes, rinse multiple times until the water is clear
– Avoid long soaking times
– Hand wring or flat dry without direct sun exposure (avoid high heat)
– First wash: Soak in fabric softener for about 5 minutes
– Second wash: Use non-concentrated detergent, again soak in fabric softener for 5 minutes
– To prolong fabric color, dry under mild sunlight or in a cool location
– If ironing, use low to medium heat


– Due to varying screen displays and camera light effects, actual product color may slightly differ from the image
– Each pair of our Harem Pants is handmade. Please allow for variations in the design and fabric pattern.
– Before confirming your order, please ensure all provided information (address, number, etc.) is accurate
– Returns/changes not accepted except for torn, damaged items or incorrect color/types sent

Follow these care instructions to ensure your pants stay in good shape for the long haul.

Based on 87 reviews
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  1. Becky

    love with these pants… Ordered them about a week before a trip and they arrived right on time.

  2. Melinda Atkinson

    Honestly, quite disappointed with these pants. The fabric, though described as soft and breathable, felt rough to the touch.

  3. Jennifer Williams

    I ordered these elephant pants a few weeks ago for a yoga retreat and have mixed feelings about them.

  4. Tiffany Carlson

    I’m absolutely smitten with these Thai Elephant Pants! I initially bought them for a themed event, but they have quickly become a fav of my loungewear. The fabric (Rayon) is super soft and breathable.

  5. Connie

    Just got my harem pants in the other day and I’ve gotta say, they’re pretty decent.

  6. Deborah

    Review title: Love These Comfortable and Stylish Pants!

    Body: I am absolutely thrilled with these Thai Elephant Pants! I originally bought them with traveling in mind and now, I wear them all the time.

  7. Sherry

    Wow, these Women’s Harem/Elephant Pants from Thailand are absolutely amazing and comfy! They fit great, thanks to the elastic waist and cute bow tie design.

  8. Alexis

    Absolutely LOVE these Harem/Elephant pants from Thailand!! These pants are super comfy and cute! The fabric (Spun Rayon.

  9. Kayla

    Bought them as a vacation staple and they are good! They are lightweight, incredibly comfortable and the fabric feels soft next to my skin.

  10. Deborah


    Wow, these pants are simply incredible! I ordered them for a vacation to a hot, tropical destination and they were just perfect.

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