Floral Garland & Lotus Flower

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Set Of Floral Garland & Lotus Flower | Handmade Decorative Art from Thailand

Enjoy our Thai traditional flower garland “Phuang Malai” handmade from artificial but very durable pedals.

Phauang Malai is a flower garland that is a representation of welcome, respect, and good intention for loved​ ones. The origins of this style of garland date back to the reign of Chulalongkorn Rama V (15th century) are widely used as a fresh flower garland in Royal ceremonies. Later in the Rattanakosin Era, the Thai flower garland became a ceremony object for a special occasion. They are made by stringing various flower combinations together that depend on seasonal blooms and on the artist’s imagination.

The mixture usually includes many fragrant flowers. Have a piece of Thailand in your home with our creation!

Whether it’s in your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, this flower garland will bring a traditional feel of Thailand.

✷ Made in Thailand ✷
Our set of lotus flowers and and garlands are originally handcrafted in Thailand! It has been curated by a local artisan for you to love and cherish in your home.

✷ Great Gifts for Housewarming ✷
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Dimensions of the Garland – about 4″ wide and 8″ tall
Dimensions of the Lotus flowers – about 2″ round and 1″ tall

We do not recommend attempting to float your lotus flowers. They are made from a type of clay that can dissolve in water.


Total of 4 pieces as follows:

1x Roses Thai Garland
1x Jasmin Thai Garland
1x Pink Lotus Flower
1x White Lotus Flower

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  1. Janice

    Beautiful and you can tell it’s really handmade. Thank you, I’ll buy this again.

  2. Grace

    The garland looks just like the picture. I added them to my indoor garden for some extra beauty.

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