Lucky Thai Elephant Keychain


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Lucky Elephant Keychain Set from Thailand | Lucky Elephant Keyring Plush Whimsical Charm Eco Friendly Handmade Gift Set For Friends

In Thailand, Elephants are asymbol of the Powerful and the Lucky. It is said that those who see an Elephant in the wild will be lucky for a year, and many people carry Elephant charms and tokens wherever they go – as a keyring, a trinket to place in the car, or to decorate their office or home.

This gorgeous plush elephant keychain will surely brighten your day and maybe you too will experience the presumed benefits bestowed upon those who carry this symbol.

Our plush Elephant is 100% handmade in Thailand from wooden

Because of the nature of our making process, each elephant is a little different. Please consider our photographs as a reference that is very similar – but not exact – to the item you will receive. Specifically the materials and colors may change slightly.

Some of our photos include other decorations, please keep in mind that this listing is for the plush elephant products being shown, and not the background decoration.

5 pcs/1 pack

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