Spa gift set From Thailand



.Luxe Aroma Experience from Thailand | Spa gift set including Incense Burner and Scented Candle

Calling everyone interested in virtual Thailand tourism! My lovely handmade incense/spa gift set is made from natural scented incense cones. The ceramic incense burner is hand-painted and each set includes a floating candle, 1 candle in a ceramic bowl, 2 sets of scented incense sticks, and a ceramic elephant incense holder

The set is packaged in a handmade mulberry paper box.

Approximate box dimensions: 3.7″ x 3.7″ x 1.2″

All Handmade
Materials: Candle, incense, ceramic

Package Includes: Incense sticks/ 1 Incense Candles/Ceramic

Quantity: 1 Set – Please select your scent using the dropdown box.

Some of our photos use decorations for aesthetics that are not included in the item being ordered under this listing. You will receive the boxed aroma scent package. Part of our Perfume Diffuser Seasons Collection.

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