Pad Thai Food Set Kit


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Pad Thai Food Set Kit

ThailamdAtHome Kit Presents

-Padthai Kit [Serving size 2 person]

Phadthai kit comes with:
– Rice noodles
– Phadthai Sauce

Pad thai is very simple to cook, don’t be overwhelmed by other dishes and what you might see in social media. Trust me, with my cooking instructions you can master this dish and others with ease and without paying for a cooking class!

About this product
I was born in Thailand where have a lot of food but i choose this box set for sale because i have good memory with those food

Padthai is my favorite food because it is easy to cook by myself and is my lucky food. time still remembers that usually i’m a local person from a country side. When i graduated from primary school year 6 i must continue to the famous high school entrance exams in another big city before i went to testing exams my grand mom cooked Pad Thai for me and she blessed me “lucky for this entranced exams” of cause i got into a famous high school in a big city after that time Pad thai was always on my every special time

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