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Tom Yum Home Cooking Thai Food Set for Four – Experience The Authentic Flavour of Thailand | Easy & Practical Asian Instant Cooking Kit


Includes almost everything you need to prepare and enjoy four full servings of this 100% authentic Thai favorite dish.

Take your Thai cooking experience to the next level and enjoy most everything you need to prepare and enjoy four full servings of this 100% Thai cooking favorite with this Tom Yum Thai Cooking Kit. Sourced and shipped directly from Bangkok, Thailand, this Thai food kit is the perfect way to enjoy a Thai cooking kit that is the perfect accent to your kitchen!

If you know someone who loves cooking the Thai dish, Tom Yum, then this package of Thailand spices is the perfect gift for chef! Give the gift of Tom Yum spices and an amazing meal with this Thai spice kit!

Tom Yum is a staple food inside Thailand. Thai people enjoy eating Tom Yum because it feels very fresh and light to eat. It would be consumed nearly every day of the week and is often
served alongside other dishes at gatherings. The spicy taste is such a traditional favorite because it boosts energy which can help overcome the hot weather, much in the same way that Americans might take a coffee break to charge up.

With fresh and warming ingredients, many Thai people even feel like Tom Yum is the perfect remedy for a hangover! The spice level of this dish is medium at about 2 or 3 “stars” from the perspective of a Thai person. For westerners who eat a less spicy diet overall, it might seem pretty intense. But don’t worry! We tell you how to cool it down if you need.

Our Tom Yum cooking kit is a perfect choice for you who want to try to cook Tom Yum but still have no idea how to start. It also makes a perfect gift for your friends who love Asian cuisine.

With easy instructions, you will be able to make the best Tom Yum immediately!

Our kit (this listing) includes:
✔ Four (4) individually sealed flavor packages (this is item A)
✔ Four (4) individually sealed Tom Yum Paste sachets (this is item B)

To prepare this amazing dish for you and your friends, you’ll need our kit and the few extra fresh grocery ingredients which can be easily found at almost any grocery store (below):

✔ unsweetened coconut milk (at least 4 cups, so you will need about three (3) 13.5fl oz cans coconut milk or 1/4th gallon )
✔ optional fresh meat or vegetable of your choice (you’ll need about 3.5oz to 7oz (100 to 200 grams) per person, so you’ll need a total of around 1-2 lbs

Shrimp (or Prawns) are the most common meat to be served with Tom Yum, but you can also use Chicken, Pork, or a white fish such as Red Tilapia or Sea Bass.

Our set will produce about about 6 cups of Tom Yum soup, which should be enough for about 4 people.

Many Thai people will enjoy Tom Yum by itself, but you can pair with white rice, noodles, or another Thai food dish of your choice for a complete experience.

Note: if you follow the instructions on the back of the Tom Yum Paste sachet (item B), you’ll end up with an international-style curry that tastes similar to the way Tom Yum is prepared in the Isaan region (northeast) of Thailand. Our instructions below are based on the the Central Thailand (Bangkok) method to prepare delicious Tom Yum. The choice is up to you! 🙂

1. Using a medium or large sized heavy bottom pot, bring 4 cups of Coconut milk to a boil, stirring occasionally

2. While you’re waiting for the milk to boil, prepare your raw meat by cutting all into bite-sized, thin strips (usually shrimp does not need to be cut). Remove any pieces of your meat or shrimp that you would find undesirable to consume and discard.

3. After the coconut milk is boiling, add 2 cups of water, wait for the pot to boil again. If you prefer your dish to not be spicy, use more, and if you like spicy you can use a bit less.

4. Once the pot is boiling again, add the Tom Yum Paste (item B) while stirring and mix completely

5. Add the flavor ingredients (item A) into the pot

6. Now place the raw meat into the boiling pot (be careful for splashes!). Stir once a minute or so and allow the soup to simmer, turning down the heat if necessary

7. When the meat is cooked, turn off and allow to cool until the soup can be consumed. If the dish is too spicy, you can lower the spice level by adding water or eat with white rice.


TIME TO PREPARE – About 5 minutes prep. 30 minutes total.


ITEM A – Four (4) quantity vacuum sealed dry ingredient packets. (Each net 40 grams, about 1.5oz):

Red Chili
Lemon Grass
Kaffir Lime Leaf

ITEM B – Four (4) Tom Yum Paste packets (Each 30 grams, 1.06 oz):

No preservatives or artificial colors at all
Palm Kernel Oil
Flavor Enhancer – Mono-sodium Glutamate (a type of salt naturally produced by our bodies)
Acidity Regulator (INS 330)

If You Have Any Questions you can direct messages to me at any time!

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