Carved Elephant Thai Lamp – Bedroom, Living Room, Side Table Lamp from Carved Coconut Shell & Woven Bamboo | Excellent Apartment Decoration

Have a piece of Thailand in your home with our carved coconut shell & woven bamboo lamp!

Whether it’s in your living room or bedroom, this lamp will bring back that cozy feel of Thailand. This lamp is definitely a home decor to have!

✷ Made from Thailand ✷
Our lamps are authentically made from Thailand! These lamps are curated by local artisans for you to love and cherish in the comfort of your home. Get these lamps to reminisce and bring you a part of Thailand.

✷ Authentic Coconut Shells and Woven Bamboo ✷
These lamps are definitely from real coconut shells and woven bamboo. They make great decorations and lighting for your home! Proving eco-friendly lamps are wonderful for your environment while still being stylish.

✷ Great Gifts for Housewarming ✷
If you know anyone who is settling into a new home, these lamps are a great option for you! Our lamps will make them feel as if they’re in Thailand. Whether it’s your friends, relatives, or family, they’ll surely love this lamp.

[Handmade] [Carved coconut shell floor light] [Lamp Base Width: 4 inches ] [Lamp Height: 9.5 inches] [Bamboo width: 10 inches] [Made from Thailand]

[1x Carved Elephant Thai Lamp ]


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