Sand Stone Buddha Face Ornament – Handcrafted Watchful Buddha Art Living Room, Bedroom & Apartment Decoration | Exclusive Gift for Sister

Have a piece of tranquility with our sandstone Buddha face ornament.

These ornaments can help you feel at peace. Place them anywhere in the comfort of your own home!

✷ Inspired by the Watchful Buddha ✷
Sculpted in bas relief, the face of the Lord Buddha is specially crafted so that the Lord Buddha’s gaze appears to follow you from whatever angle you look at it. This sculpture conveys a sense of benevolence and protection over you and your family wherever you go for all time. Have these at your home to always be blessed by the Buddha.

✷ Sandstone Art ✷
Our Buddha face ornaments are curated according to sandstone art techniques. It’s a special technique developed over a long period of time. Collecting small pieces of sandstone are ground into fine dust and transformed into a work of art that unites the elegant beauty of sandstone with elaborate craftsmanship in a unique way.

✷ Great Gifts for Housewarming ✷
Wondering what to get for your friend who just moved in? This face ornament is the right gift to greet positive energy and radiate tranquility for a new home. Share the Buddha’s grace to your friends with these beautiful ornaments.

[Handmade] [Height: 7 inches] [Width: 5 inches] [Depth: 1 inch] [Made from Thailand]

[1x Sand Stone Buddha Face Ornament]


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